We manufacture a wide range of filled system thermometers for precision and accuracy in either distance or local reading applications. BS EN1319:2001 Class 1. We also manufacture a range of lower cost bi-metallic thermometers for local reading applications.

All of our thermometers can usually be assembled, tested and despatchedwithin 48 hours of an order being placed.

Our standard range of thermometers include 63mm, 100mm and 160mm dial face sizes.

Distance Reading Thermometers

There are 4 types and each can be fitted with up to 100metres of capillary. The capillary can be supplied as either rigid or flexible 316 Stainless Steel for excellent protection and durability. Sensing probes are also 316 Stainless Steel with lengths and diameters to suit the range and application.

  • CSM – 3 hole fixing flange for surface mounting, 6 o’clock entry
  • CSM/R – as for CSM except with bottom back entry
  • CFFB/C – clamp fixing for surface mounting, bottom back entry
  • CFFB/3 – 3 hole fixing flange for recessed panel mounting, bottom back entry

Local Reading Thermometers.

There are 6 types and each can be manufatured with stem lengths and diameters to suit the range and application. All stems are machined from 316 Stainless Steel.

  • VRS – Vertical Rigid Stem
  • VRS/OAS   – Vertical Rigid Stem with head angled to suit
  • HRB – Horizontal Rigid Stem, Bottom back entry
  • HRC – Horizontal Rigid Stem, Centre back entry
  • HRC/F – as for HRC but with 3 hole fixing flange on case
  • MPTI = adjustable angle rigid stem


  • Thermowells to suit and/or compression fittings for sensing elements.
  • Glycerine filled heads, max and min indicator pointers and switches for control applications.

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